5 Common Concerns of Female Bosses

1.You’re questioning if you really “can do it all”?

2. You’re already a successful female entrepreneur but feeling “stuck” or at a plateau currently

3. You’re battling the voices in your head of the hours and works it take to be an entrepreneur while feeling the pull to spend enough time with your loved ones that matter the most.

4. You know you have the capability to be the top in your Industry, just need the confidence, belief, or “push” to get you there

5. You’ve been saying “someday” for over 2 years about beginning your next business venture.

Do YOU hear these?  Follow my page for weekly strategies on how to overcome these!


What Books You Should Read in 2017

It’s one of the most common questions I get asked by other leaders, What kind of books do you read?  Or what books are you reading?  I post pictures of new books I read on Facebook quite often but this will be a comprehensive list for you to dig in deeper.  Every book on this list is a book I have personally read, front-to-back, in 2016.  (I can’t not finish I book as it “bugs” me, even if it’s not my favorite!)  This list is organized by topic but if you’d like specific suggestions based on your personality, let me know.


Essentials of Strength Training & Conditioning – G. Gregory Haff, N. Travis Triplett
Personal Finance, 6th Edition – Jeff Madura
Essentials of Contemporary Management – Gareth Jones, Jennifer George
Building Relationships, Professional Sales


Teaching College – Edited by Maryellen Weimer and Rose Ann Neff
Hopeful to Hired, How to Score the Job you Want Straight Out of College – Adam S. Dince


Sales Bible – Jeffrey Gitomer


Chase the Lion – Mark Batterson
Be Obsessed or Be Average – Grant Cardone


Blase Your Trail – Kathy Weckwerth – 10-week Devotional


Creating Utopia, Living Life as a Miracle Worker Workbook – Suzy Bootz

Creating Queens for Our King, Honoring Your God Whispers – Suzy Bootz



7 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Chamber Membership

I LOVE and totally believe in being a member and supporting your local Chamber of Commerce and want to share with you WHY.  As a small business owner many times over, my chamber membership has paid it’s value multiple-times over to me.  It’s a common question I get as a coach or advisor, should I join the Chamber?  Is a Chamber membership worth it?  To me, it’s an obvious answer.  YES.  I will immediately ship you down to have a conversation with your local Chamber about membership.  Here’s 9 Ways to help you get started.

  1. Sit down and have a conversation with your Chamber.  Even if you’ve been a member for 10+ years, I encourage you to do this twice per year (minimum).  In 20-minute one-on-one conversations together, you can find great opportunities for your business. And this time conversing with your Chamber is FREE, take advantage.
  2. Host current business cards, materials, brochures, pamphlets at your Chamber office. Why not?  They usually have a spot for these and thousands of potential clients walk through their doors each year.
  3. Sit on a committee.  Agricultural Committee, Leadership Committee, Bring It Home Committee, Board of Directors, Finance, Marketing…etc.  This will lead into STRONG personal connections with other Chamber members that are invaluable.
  4. Serve as an Ambassador or on the Welcoming Committee.  By having the opportunity to meet every new business owner that comes to town, you’ll vastly increase your contacts and become a resource in the business community.
  5. Donate items for swag bags, door prizes, welcome baskets, this does not have to be too expensive but should include your company logo and/or your personal name and contact information.
  6. Refer them!  Referring other business professionals to become Chamber members makes you highy regarded among your Chamber staff.  If you support them positively, they will support you!
  7. Share their posts and events on social media, attend their training seminars, luncheons, banquets, and galas.  It’s great exposure for your business and theirs, and it’s usually a ton of fun!

10 Tips to Make Mondays Better

I love Mondays now.  I didn’t always love Mondays but I’ve learned.  Yes, you can argue it’s a stigma, a mental attitude, a choice.  Or – you can prepare.  I love Mondays and I want you to enjoy them as well.  They can be the BEST day of your week.  Take 60-minutes TODAY (SUNDAY) to do this and make your Monday better.

  1. Clean up the basics. Have your house in order, groceries stocked, laundry done.
  2. Pack your car. Gas filled in your car tank, car clean and organized, all errands stacked in a pile. (Mail, bills with postage stamped, set in the front seat of your car.)
  3. Get prepped.  Lay out your outfit for Monday, pack your lunch and prepare your breakfast.
  4. (females) Do a face mask treatment, paint your nails, and condition your hair.  (Trust me, you’ll feel refreshed.)  Guys – I can’t help you on this one.
  5. Look at your calendar for the week. Compose emails/texts for confirmations of all your weekly appointments.  If you don’t want to send on Sundays, I prepare them and leave them as “drafts” then ship them all off Monday morning at 7:00 am. This will be sure all your meetings are set up so you can count on them.  It will also help to switch your schedule in case you had incorrect information.
  6. Look for gaps in your schedule and decide what you’d like to fill in that gap.  Appointments, client meetings, coaching session with your mentor, nap time, or something that’s important to you.
  7. Exercise.  Lay out your workout clothes or pack your gym bag and schedule in your workouts for the week. (3-4 scheduled, that way any extras as bonus!)
  8. Love on your loved ones.  Spend time with your significant other, children, grandma, or puppy.  Smile, laugh, and enjoy them.

I know this seems simple but it is truly a GAME CHANGER.  Try this the next 2 Sundays in a row and see what a difference it makes in your week!  You might just love Mondays.

The Night Before the 1st Day of School

The anticipation, the stress, the nerves, the excitement, the chaos, the tears?, the fear….it’s a night that comes around a few times a year, for parents, students, grandparents, college students, and….professors?  What should I wear?  Will the students make fun of me?  Will I say something stupid? What if I trip in front of class?  What if I spill my coffee in my lap on the drive to class?  What if I oversleep?  What if I can’t sleep at all?

As a parent I’m sure some of you are all too familiar with these fears.  I wonder if my students get nervous though?  Are they rolling their eyes at the syllabi I already emailed them? Do they have a countdown of days until Spring Break?  Maybe they’re just as excited and nervous as I am?  These are all emotions I feel. But why?

Does that feeling to be “liked” ever go away? Does that desire to fit in still really affect 30-year-olds.  I could say I didn’t care but that would be a lie. I’ve read all the textbooks, I have a lesson plan ready to go for the week, heck, I even know the name of every student in my classroom already!  What’s there to be nervous about?  I truly think it’s the anticipation, and hear my heart on this.  I have been given the privilege and honor to mentor young students, impressionable, fragile young adults.  I’m entrusted with teaching them skills in the next 16 weeks to last a lifetime.  And I take that job seriously.  I’m excited with anticipation to see the growth in these students over the next 16 weeks, the learning, the conversations, the character-building.  I’m anxious to grow myself intellectually, as a speaker, as an instructor, as a mentor.  I know I’ll be faced with challenges, as will the students.

I pause today to reflect on this opportunity that we have as instructors, to significantly impact, positively empower these students.  And with that, I will do my best.

3 Words To Live By – 2017 Edition.

Here we are again, so quickly, don’t blink or you’ll miss it – 2016 is almost over!  Some of you are thinking “Wahoo!”, or “Thank goodness.” or “No way!” Well, no matter how you feel about 2016, you get to start a new page, chapter, or even BOOK in 2017.  Just 3 more days on the countdown….until 2017 is YOURS.  Will you loosely hold it in your arms, welcoming it with a loving embrace, will you grip it with all the strength you have in your fist, or will you sit quietly, and pray for what is to come?

As you’ve read for 4 years now, it is a tradition of mine to choose 3 Words to Live By each year instead of the traditional, and never kept, New Year’s Resolutions.  Without further ado, here are my 3 Words for 2017:

  1. Toughness.
    Tough, Tougher, Toughest, Grit, Gritty, Grittiness, Muscle, Strong – all synonyms for what I mean when I refer to Toughness.  I mean physical, mental, and (hopefully) stronger emotionally compared to 2016.  I mean tough like Tough Mudder Ambassador tough, Tough Mudder, Toughest Mudder, and World’s Toughest Mudder Tough. I will finish, work through, be a warrior.  I will face fears, jump over obstacles, and get stronger. I will be true to myself and my feelings without letting others shame me for it.  I will CrossFit, I will build muscle, I will build my greatest muscle of all, my heart.
  2. Stage.
    I’ve always enjoyed being a performer since dancing as a young girl, singing in church and with friends, HS danceline, college danceteam, Hutchinson Water Carnival pageant, Miss International pageant, crossing stages for Mary Kay as a Sales Director, Career Car Driver, and Court of Sales Achiever.  I’m not afraid to speak in front of a group, with a microphone in hand, or to emcee an event. It’s always been a dream of mine to speak on a larger platform as a coach, a leader, a mentor, and I feel this is my year.
  3. Expansion.
    Explode, growth, build, empower, abundance, enrich, think outside the box, think BIGGER!  Glass is half full, optimist, achiever, Believer.  To expand my thoughts, my relationships, my friendships, my mindset.  To think beyond barriers, boundaries, over obstacles.  New territories, new states, new countries.  To believe bigger than every thought possible. To dream.  2017 will be a year of expansion.

    Thank you — for holding these words close to your heart, enriching my life, and encouraging me towards them.  How can I help you grow in 2017?