Hello everyone!!! My name is Annie, I was Jessica’s roommate in college and today I’m going to share with you my experience using some of Mary Kay’s new products!

So it’s Friday! That means date night is HERE!!! I have two kids who are both in school and are both active in various different clubs. So, Friday night means that I can retire my sweats, let my hair down and FINALLY open my make up bag. It’s my night to shine and look like the woman of my husband’s dreams. Of course, like any good husband would, he will say I look beautiful every day,however, when I step out of our room dressed up with my hair curled and my make up on, I can tell he’s even more proud to call me his.

So, today I’m going to play up my lashes and create a sultry lip using Mary Kay lash intensity mascara and Mary Kay semi matte lipstick in crushed berry. I have never tried either of these products so I’m really excited to see how they look.

So, before our big night later I’m going to give everything a try and play with some looks.

Here is my conclusion:

The lipstick is amazing! It’s like heaven on your lips. Goes on smooth and leaves a brilliant finish. The berry color is beautiful, it is rich and luscious. Certainly deserving of a kiss from my husband later!

This mascara is off the hook! Wow! Normally, I get lash extensions but now that I’ve tried this, I’m thinking I won’t have to spend the money anymore. It not only lengthens my lashes by double it creates a full, lustrous look. It’s pretty amazing and I can’t wait to bat these lashes at my husband tonight.

So, I’m a once a week make up girl BUT these products may have changed my mind. This make up can be used for your grocery store look to your date night look!! In my opinion these are two products that are great for any person on the go. Something that I can quick put on in my car to create a gorgeous look. I love it!

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about these products! I’m certainly excited to wear them this evening on my date.

xoxo, Annie