Find YOUR Sparkle Section

Defined as: Sparkle section, Amen corner, biggest raving fans!!

Exercise: For starters, this is your closest person of influence, which for most of you is going to be a significant other (your man).  Then it expands to the next 3-5 people you spend the most time with.  Again, for many of you it’s going to be your coworkers or employees.

The next circle of influence is your networking group, your coffee club, your Bible study group, and the other soccer moms.  But did you realize that you choose this?  You have a choice in your circle of influence and it can have a MAJOR impact on the speed of your growth and the size of your thinking.

Take a quick minute to jot down the top 5 names of the people you spend the most time with in any given week.  Are you surprised by this?  Honest question – do these people help you GROW?  Personally? Professionally? Spiritually?

Harder question – If someone is in your Top 5 but it might be in your best interest to remove them, how can we take the steps to do so?

How do you find new Top 5s?  Put yourself in spaces with Champions.  Put yourself in a room with people on your chicken list….be real, up front, and honest about it. Share your story, tell them WHY you want to be in their circle and how you will do the work to do so.

Removing old Top 5s:  No excuses here!  No back talk, no sneaking backwards, no sleeping with exes. No…but what’s? or what if’s?  These people have served a purpose in your life for a time but they are no longer serving your next purpose.

Mary Kay Ash always told us “The team (consultants) that got you to Director will not get you to your 1st car.  The team that got your 1st car won’t be the same team that earns you a Pink Cadillac.  And the team that earns you the Pink Cadillac won’t be the team that takes you to the (top level of the company) National Sales Director. “

AND THAT’S OK.  Releasing the past (like drawing back an arrow) is the energy, the inertia we need to catapult us forward at light-year pace.

Is your Sparkle section at work different than at home?  I don’t believe so.  As a small business owner, YOU are your brand.  You can’t turn off “who you are” and remain truly authentic and real.  Also, most of us I know are continuously looking for opportunities for the next client, the next mentor or the next opportunistic partnership.  Therefore, our 5 circle needs to flow like our work and life flow together.  I believe you have 1 circle.

Who’s in your corner?

10 Tricks to Becoming the Go-To Person in Your Industry

I get asked this question a lot:  How do you know all this?

The truth is:  I don’t.  I go to all this.

What I mean, is, I SHOW UP.  I attend events, I dive into local happenings, I post about them, I talk about them, somehow people now expect me to be there, it would be weird if I wasn’t there, of course I would “sponsor” and when she shows up…I have a question for her! (BOOM!) (KAPOW!) (Go-To Gal)

How do you become Top-of-Mind, the #1 person to go to in your industry….especially if you are a female in a male-dominated industry? Do you have to buy the biggest billboard on your main highway to get noticed?  Is there more than 1 way to do it?  I’m going to show you and guide you through more than 10 ways that you can become the expert.  Although it won’t happen overnight, it can happen VERY quickly.

First Mistake: Do not drop dollars into advertising yet! Quit sponsoring every little Tom, Dick, or Harry that asks you for money for their new sports uniforms.  Besides your neighbor, or competitor (yes, I said it) is still doing this old-school marketing.  Don’t be like them.  Put yourself on a different playing field!

The #1 way to become the go-to person in your industry is through warm referral base and here are my Top 10 Ways to Becoming the Go-To Person in Your Industry (no matter the industry):

Top 10.  (order is irrelevant but the more you do the more you’re the go-to!)

  1. Be the resource for all things community! (all community events)
    This might include but not limited to events in health, fitness, school, park & rec, religious, entertainment, fundraisers, guests, and open mic nights!
  2. Look at the Chamber as your business partner.
    I’m assuming at the least you’re a member but hopefully you join committees, attend all after hours, booths, events they host.
  3. Be accessible!
    Sorry, I know you don’t want to be working 24/7 but then you need to figure out how to be accessible.  Return all calls and emails within 24 hours, if not sooner.  Return all messages on Social Media the same day!
  4. Encourage clients to talk about you!
    Truthfull it doesn’t matter if they’re giving testimonials on your site or if they feature you on theirs….cross-marketing is excellent referral-based business!
  5. Be involved in a minimum of ONE (1) networking or referral group.  If you’re new to the game, join a couple to find your best fit.  Make sure you attend the meetings in a prepared fashion.
  6. Attend local (High School) or collegiate sporting events (always a crowd!)
  7. Join a gym where you talk to people. New concept!?
    Leave your headphones at home; group classes or trainings are the best for meeting people.
  8. Get to know your city officials, city boards, school board, or EDA.  Or all of the above.
  9. Shake hands and ask people their name!  (genius!) Then give a true compliment.  Sounds crazy, I know, but people aren’t doing it.
  10. Be consistent. People like familiar faces.  Repeat actions 1-9 on a weekly basis.


Questions?  I’d love to hear more or your thoughts!  Share with me at or better – on Facebook!

5 Questions Every Skilled Marketer Should Ask

Do my customers ever want to be upsold and weren’t offered the opportunity?

This would be one of the worst ways for your customers to leave your store, your office, or to hang up the phone.  What might be worse than a buyer who isn’t yet your customer?  One that is your customer and doesn’t feel like all his or her needs are met.

Am I always closing the sale?

Not only do we shy away, get scared, panic, freak out, chicken out, back out, sweat it out, forget to ask, babble on, mumble……STOP!  Ask for the sale. (stop talking). Close the deal. (don’t say any more).

Do I always have room for another exceptional salesperson?

YES, YES, YES!  You can never have enough exceptional employees.  The ones that will go in, around, over, and through, and have your back.  Always be hiring these when your paths align.

Am I the go-to resource in my community?

Do people come to you with questions because they KNOW you’ll have the answer?  That means you’re the go-to-gal.  Are you always getting asked to volunteer, chair an event, start something new?  You’re it.  Do people call you with the most random questions, you tell them the answer, and laugh together?  Nailed it.

What is the #1 thing I am great at?

Yes, do that!  Don’t just start counting all of your IPAs (income-producing activities) but rather what are YOU THE BEST AT?  Do that.  Day in, day out, day over. Week in, week out, week over. Month in, Month out….you get it.

Setting Up An Auto-Response Message on your Facebook Page

Today’s topic is hot off the market, very rarely utilized so far but a key tool in your marketing.  I expect to see this become very popular in the upcoming months…as soon as businesses figure out it’s there!  This is another great customer service tool that Facebook has recently added.  I must also add that I’ve only seen this on Facebook Pages so far, no individual profiles.

I’m going to make these step-by-step instructions as simple as possible.

  1. Log in to your Facebook and head over to your Business Page.
  2. On the upper right corner of the page, click Settings.
  3. In the left-hand column, choose Messaging.
  4. Scroll down to the middle section “Response Assistant”
  5. You have 3 options:
    1. Stay responsive…. (250 characters)
    2. Send instant replies…. (250 characters)
    3. Show a messenger greeting… (160 characters)
      1. You can set each one of these to On/Off with a simple Yes/No click.  Below each of the 3 options includes a one-line description of the message to be written.  Once you turn a greeting on, you’ll be able to Change (edit) the message to what you want it to say.

The coolest part?  It even auto-responds with the sender’s name so it’s a customized message and you can make the text seem as real-life as possible (I actually recommend that).   The other thing you can do is create an auto-response with more pertinent contact information for your customer, or any current sales, promotions, and events you have going on!

Quick tip:  Be sure to test your auto-responder right away by having a friend send you a message!  You want to be sure it’s working correctly and the spelling is correct!

I’d love to see some of your creative Auto-Responses.

Share them below!

5 Easy Tricks to Simplify Your Social Media in 10 Minutes

Hello Raving Fans!

I want to get some quick content out to you so that you realize Social Media doesn’t have to take 2 hours of every day or 10 hours per week to be successful.  Here are 5 Easy Tricks to Simplify Your Social Media in (JUST) 10 Minutes:

  1. Make all your Profile pictures the same across all platforms.  Choose a professional head shot that is clear and well done.  This is not a selfie!  It also does not include 1/2 of your best friend’s face or shoulder in your photo.  Having the same pictures across all social media platforms makes your more recognizable and symbolizes your brand- which is YOU!
  2. Start with 1-2 platforms and do them with EXCELLENCE instead of having 6-10 platforms that you rarely log in to.  Rule of thumb – if you haven’t logged in or posted in more than 1 month (30 days), do yourself a favor right now and DELETE or inactive those accounts!  This will make social media seem less overwhelming altogether.
  3. Turn off Social Media notifications on your phone.  These constant distractions cause significant inefficiencies in your day.  No argument here.
  4. Move your Social Media apps away from your “Home Screen” on your phone. Move all these apps a few pages over on your side bar of your phone.  This will save you 20-50 minutes per day of casual browsing. {Don’t even think about scrolling right now as your supposed to be moving these icons!}
  5. Update the Summary section on your Linked In page.  To start, be sure you have content written in there or you need to add it.  Then, be sure it’s relevant and up-to-date.  Now, see how you can jazz it up a bit while tightening your sentences!  Skip the fluff, get to the point.  Recruiters and connections are looking at this section more than ever before! Make a statement!

Are You a Female Real Estate or Insurance Agent?

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Hopeful to Hire – Adam Dince

BOOK REVIEW: Hopeful to Hired – Adam Dince

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In today’s job market, only a quarter of college graduates have jobs that are related to their major. Add to that massive amounts of student debt and economic uncertainty, and graduation can feel more like a time of panic than of hope. In the face of this adversity, how can students prepare themselves for career success while still in college?

The secret lies in using college years as an opportunity to build professional networks, improve soft-skills, and create an effective online personal brand, so that students can hit the ground running after graduation. In Hopeful to Hired, Adam Dince covers everything undergraduate and graduate students need to know now so that they are ready to find their dream job when they begin entering the workforce.

This book proves indispensable not only for college students but for anyone preparing to enter the job hunt from the military, high school, or even another job. This empowering book will take the dread out of graduation and help lead you seamlessly into your dream job.

Thank you Adam for my 2 copies of your new book!  As soon as I finish reading, I will be sharing with my fellow college professors and my Marketing & Sales Management Students at Ridgewater College in MN.  This is a pocket-size guide to BIG dreams.  Written fresh for the college student, this book can also guide someone jumping back into the workforce, or looking to be more relevant with their hiring and recruitment processes. 

           – Jessi Wendland