When God Opens Doors and You Pretend Like you Can’t See Them…

Everyday we have the opportunity to bless others’ lives.  And I am very fortunate to have a career that allows me to do so quite often!  The conversation I’ve found myself in quite a bit lately goes something like this “I’ve been praying a lot….”, “I’ve been wondering what His plan is for my life…”, “I’m not sure if…”, and “Maybe it’s just not the right time for me….”.   In all fairness, I’ve had this conversation quite often with myself too.

When I work with my business clients, it’s often that they do have great ideas, great intentions, well-planned strategies they’ve been “thinking” about for a few years now.   And when I meet with individual clients, they’re all wondering why God hasn’t shown them the perfectly paved in diamonds, straight road of which they are supposed to walk.  It’s becoming so powerful that I realize so many of us struggle with these same fears, insecurities, confusions, and….lack.

I want to share this with you.  I want to SCREAM it at you.  I want to shake you, hug you, love you, help you believe until you know for a fact that it’s true.


YOU are perfectly made.

YOU are exactly on the right path.

YOU have been looking for God to lay out a perfect plan for you.  It’s RIGHT in front of you.  It may not look exactly the way you expected but there’s opportunities everywhere.

HE is waiting for you to take action.  He’s given you the tools, the skills, and waiting, patiently, for YOU to move.  Instead of being paralyzed by fears and the “What Ifs”, He says: It’s all laid out in front of you and you’re pretending to not see it.

Because you thought it would be white.  And it’s black.

Because you thought it would be the perfect job you’ve been applying for.  And a different company is chasing you down.

Because you thought you weren’t good enough.  And someone in your life has been begging you to see it.

Because you asked for money.  And instead of cash, he wrote you in someone’s will this week.

Because you wanted a shiny piece of jewelry and he gave you a hand-me-down antique, worth more value than any jewelry.

Because you want children.  And he’s got the perfect adopted child waiting for you to submit paperwork.

It’s not always exactly the way we pictured it would be, but it is EXACTLY planned the way it’s meant to be.  If you’re beating your head against a brick wall, turn around, there’s a rainbow behind you.  Be OPEN.  Prepare your heart.  Say your graces.  And ask God, what am I not seeing that you’ve placed in front of me?

It’s all there for you.  Perfectly.

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