Find YOUR Sparkle Section

Defined as: Sparkle section, Amen corner, biggest raving fans!!

Exercise: For starters, this is your closest person of influence, which for most of you is going to be a significant other (your man).  Then it expands to the next 3-5 people you spend the most time with.  Again, for many of you it’s going to be your coworkers or employees.

The next circle of influence is your networking group, your coffee club, your Bible study group, and the other soccer moms.  But did you realize that you choose this?  You have a choice in your circle of influence and it can have a MAJOR impact on the speed of your growth and the size of your thinking.

Take a quick minute to jot down the top 5 names of the people you spend the most time with in any given week.  Are you surprised by this?  Honest question – do these people help you GROW?  Personally? Professionally? Spiritually?

Harder question – If someone is in your Top 5 but it might be in your best interest to remove them, how can we take the steps to do so?

How do you find new Top 5s?  Put yourself in spaces with Champions.  Put yourself in a room with people on your chicken list….be real, up front, and honest about it. Share your story, tell them WHY you want to be in their circle and how you will do the work to do so.

Removing old Top 5s:  No excuses here!  No back talk, no sneaking backwards, no sleeping with exes. No…but what’s? or what if’s?  These people have served a purpose in your life for a time but they are no longer serving your next purpose.

Mary Kay Ash always told us “The team (consultants) that got you to Director will not get you to your 1st car.  The team that got your 1st car won’t be the same team that earns you a Pink Cadillac.  And the team that earns you the Pink Cadillac won’t be the team that takes you to the (top level of the company) National Sales Director. “

AND THAT’S OK.  Releasing the past (like drawing back an arrow) is the energy, the inertia we need to catapult us forward at light-year pace.

Is your Sparkle section at work different than at home?  I don’t believe so.  As a small business owner, YOU are your brand.  You can’t turn off “who you are” and remain truly authentic and real.  Also, most of us I know are continuously looking for opportunities for the next client, the next mentor or the next opportunistic partnership.  Therefore, our 5 circle needs to flow like our work and life flow together.  I believe you have 1 circle.

Who’s in your corner?

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