10 Tricks to Becoming the Go-To Person in Your Industry

I get asked this question a lot:  How do you know all this?

The truth is:  I don’t.  I go to all this.

What I mean, is, I SHOW UP.  I attend events, I dive into local happenings, I post about them, I talk about them, somehow people now expect me to be there, it would be weird if I wasn’t there, of course I would “sponsor” and when she shows up…I have a question for her! (BOOM!) (KAPOW!) (Go-To Gal)

How do you become Top-of-Mind, the #1 person to go to in your industry….especially if you are a female in a male-dominated industry? Do you have to buy the biggest billboard on your main highway to get noticed?  Is there more than 1 way to do it?  I’m going to show you and guide you through more than 10 ways that you can become the expert.  Although it won’t happen overnight, it can happen VERY quickly.

First Mistake: Do not drop dollars into advertising yet! Quit sponsoring every little Tom, Dick, or Harry that asks you for money for their new sports uniforms.  Besides your neighbor, or competitor (yes, I said it) is still doing this old-school marketing.  Don’t be like them.  Put yourself on a different playing field!

The #1 way to become the go-to person in your industry is through warm referral base and here are my Top 10 Ways to Becoming the Go-To Person in Your Industry (no matter the industry):

Top 10.  (order is irrelevant but the more you do the more you’re the go-to!)

  1. Be the resource for all things community! (all community events)
    This might include but not limited to events in health, fitness, school, park & rec, religious, entertainment, fundraisers, guests, and open mic nights!
  2. Look at the Chamber as your business partner.
    I’m assuming at the least you’re a member but hopefully you join committees, attend all after hours, booths, events they host.
  3. Be accessible!
    Sorry, I know you don’t want to be working 24/7 but then you need to figure out how to be accessible.  Return all calls and emails within 24 hours, if not sooner.  Return all messages on Social Media the same day!
  4. Encourage clients to talk about you!
    Truthfull it doesn’t matter if they’re giving testimonials on your site or if they feature you on theirs….cross-marketing is excellent referral-based business!
  5. Be involved in a minimum of ONE (1) networking or referral group.  If you’re new to the game, join a couple to find your best fit.  Make sure you attend the meetings in a prepared fashion.
  6. Attend local (High School) or collegiate sporting events (always a crowd!)
  7. Join a gym where you talk to people. New concept!?
    Leave your headphones at home; group classes or trainings are the best for meeting people.
  8. Get to know your city officials, city boards, school board, or EDA.  Or all of the above.
  9. Shake hands and ask people their name!  (genius!) Then give a true compliment.  Sounds crazy, I know, but people aren’t doing it.
  10. Be consistent. People like familiar faces.  Repeat actions 1-9 on a weekly basis.


Questions?  I’d love to hear more or your thoughts!  Share with me at jessiwendland@gmail.com or better – on Facebook!

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