Women’s Success Summit


The struggles of the female professional are real. Your business needs you, your family needs you, your community needs you, you need you. It’s a grind, we get it. The American Dream, right? No one feels as pulled as you do, in multiple directions every minute of every day. You’re already working your tail off, being a mom or a wife 24/7, and you’re frustrated not earning the income you know you’re worth or not reaching your full career potential. The madness has to stop and today’s the day.

We’re here to help you capitalize on your full potential and turn challenges into opportunities. In just 1 day, learn how to:

  • Triple Your Revenues
  • Never Run Out of Warm, Solid Leads
  • Create Explosive Revenues
  • Bridge the Generational Gap at Your Workplace
  • Invest in Your Strengths
  • Turn Professional Challenges Into Opportunities

Women’s Success Summit is a full-day success training event that will give you strategies to bring back to your office and implement. This event is designed for the female entrepreneur, the female decision-maker of any company, or the woman who’s been looking for the perfect training to launch her next big adventure.

Thursday, April 6:

8am-9am: Registration & Full Breakfast served

9am: Welcome

930am: Cheryl Glaeser, B – X – Y – Z: Alphabet Soup and Strengths in the Workplace!

12pm: Lunch served by Chef Craig’s Catering

1pm: Jessi Wendland, Strategic Marketing for the Most Efficient Professional

4pm-6pm: Happy Hour (cheers!)



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