5 Questions Every Skilled Marketer Should Ask

Do my customers ever want to be upsold and weren’t offered the opportunity?

This would be one of the worst ways for your customers to leave your store, your office, or to hang up the phone.  What might be worse than a buyer who isn’t yet your customer?  One that is your customer and doesn’t feel like all his or her needs are met.

Am I always closing the sale?

Not only do we shy away, get scared, panic, freak out, chicken out, back out, sweat it out, forget to ask, babble on, mumble……STOP!  Ask for the sale. (stop talking). Close the deal. (don’t say any more).

Do I always have room for another exceptional salesperson?

YES, YES, YES!  You can never have enough exceptional employees.  The ones that will go in, around, over, and through, and have your back.  Always be hiring these when your paths align.

Am I the go-to resource in my community?

Do people come to you with questions because they KNOW you’ll have the answer?  That means you’re the go-to-gal.  Are you always getting asked to volunteer, chair an event, start something new?  You’re it.  Do people call you with the most random questions, you tell them the answer, and laugh together?  Nailed it.

What is the #1 thing I am great at?

Yes, do that!  Don’t just start counting all of your IPAs (income-producing activities) but rather what are YOU THE BEST AT?  Do that.  Day in, day out, day over. Week in, week out, week over. Month in, Month out….you get it.

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