7 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Chamber Membership

I LOVE and totally believe in being a member and supporting your local Chamber of Commerce and want to share with you WHY.  As a small business owner many times over, my chamber membership has paid it’s value multiple-times over to me.  It’s a common question I get as a coach or advisor, should I join the Chamber?  Is a Chamber membership worth it?  To me, it’s an obvious answer.  YES.  I will immediately ship you down to have a conversation with your local Chamber about membership.  Here’s 9 Ways to help you get started.

  1. Sit down and have a conversation with your Chamber.  Even if you’ve been a member for 10+ years, I encourage you to do this twice per year (minimum).  In 20-minute one-on-one conversations together, you can find great opportunities for your business. And this time conversing with your Chamber is FREE, take advantage.
  2. Host current business cards, materials, brochures, pamphlets at your Chamber office. Why not?  They usually have a spot for these and thousands of potential clients walk through their doors each year.
  3. Sit on a committee.  Agricultural Committee, Leadership Committee, Bring It Home Committee, Board of Directors, Finance, Marketing…etc.  This will lead into STRONG personal connections with other Chamber members that are invaluable.
  4. Serve as an Ambassador or on the Welcoming Committee.  By having the opportunity to meet every new business owner that comes to town, you’ll vastly increase your contacts and become a resource in the business community.
  5. Donate items for swag bags, door prizes, welcome baskets, this does not have to be too expensive but should include your company logo and/or your personal name and contact information.
  6. Refer them!  Referring other business professionals to become Chamber members makes you highy regarded among your Chamber staff.  If you support them positively, they will support you!
  7. Share their posts and events on social media, attend their training seminars, luncheons, banquets, and galas.  It’s great exposure for your business and theirs, and it’s usually a ton of fun!

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