10 Tips to Make Mondays Better

I love Mondays now.  I didn’t always love Mondays but I’ve learned.  Yes, you can argue it’s a stigma, a mental attitude, a choice.  Or – you can prepare.  I love Mondays and I want you to enjoy them as well.  They can be the BEST day of your week.  Take 60-minutes TODAY (SUNDAY) to do this and make your Monday better.

  1. Clean up the basics. Have your house in order, groceries stocked, laundry done.
  2. Pack your car. Gas filled in your car tank, car clean and organized, all errands stacked in a pile. (Mail, bills with postage stamped, set in the front seat of your car.)
  3. Get prepped.  Lay out your outfit for Monday, pack your lunch and prepare your breakfast.
  4. (females) Do a face mask treatment, paint your nails, and condition your hair.  (Trust me, you’ll feel refreshed.)  Guys – I can’t help you on this one.
  5. Look at your calendar for the week. Compose emails/texts for confirmations of all your weekly appointments.  If you don’t want to send on Sundays, I prepare them and leave them as “drafts” then ship them all off Monday morning at 7:00 am. This will be sure all your meetings are set up so you can count on them.  It will also help to switch your schedule in case you had incorrect information.
  6. Look for gaps in your schedule and decide what you’d like to fill in that gap.  Appointments, client meetings, coaching session with your mentor, nap time, or something that’s important to you.
  7. Exercise.  Lay out your workout clothes or pack your gym bag and schedule in your workouts for the week. (3-4 scheduled, that way any extras as bonus!)
  8. Love on your loved ones.  Spend time with your significant other, children, grandma, or puppy.  Smile, laugh, and enjoy them.

I know this seems simple but it is truly a GAME CHANGER.  Try this the next 2 Sundays in a row and see what a difference it makes in your week!  You might just love Mondays.

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