How Damaging is BAD Customer Service?

Top 10 Things Your Business Should Know About Customer Service

….and the detrimental effects of bad customer service and how it leads to customers flocking out the doors…

  1. The customer is always right. Even if you know they’re wrong, it is a long-standing principle to know the customer is always right.
  2. Although you do have 3,000+ customers, the customer sitting across the desk from you should always feel important. Do not tell them that you don’t have time for them.
  3. Understand the importance of social media, Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and the power of marketing. These tools can be very powerful when you are educated on them! It’s also a very damaging when you don’t use these tools correctly nor efficiently.
  4. Communication is key. A simple phone call can go a long ways. Any small business owner would know that having time to call your customer once in 90 days should never be out of the question.  If you collect the customer’s personal information such as phone and email, don’t look dumbfounded when they ask why you didn’t call?
  5. Your ego can blow up your business.  Remember, your competitor is right down the road.
  6. Don’t eat at your desk during operating hours, especially while you are with a customer.
  7. Your customer service representatives should have some personality and treat others like human beings.
  8. You never know the battle the other person is fighting. You have 2 ears and 1 mouth, listen more, let the customer speak and be heard. Or consider asking the customer questions to get to know their concern.
  9. Say “I’m sorry” when your systems have failed…you should never give the customer the “rig-a-ma-roll” to speak with 4 different individuals in less than 10 minutes, without receiving an answer.
  10. Cluttered desks and dirty, cluttered areas, made it quite clear you’re overwhelmed and unprepared and a place where people should choose not to do business.

    Unfortunately, I had to find out this list of 10 all within 3 experiences at a local, small, hometown business.  Needless to say, I will not be back an will certainly tell others about my experience.  Don’t let this be your business!

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