Save your skin this winter!

Hi everyone,

Annie here again! A few weeks ago Jessica sent me the Satin Hands Kit. Living in California my skin doesn’t endure the cold, bitter, dryness that Minnesotans do, however, living with two daughters and a brand new puppy I feel like my hands are always being subjected to the harsh chemicals in cleaning products and constant hand washing. To help ease my dry, irritated skin I started using Mary Kay’s Satin Hands every evening before bed. Within one use I saw a dramatic difference in my skin. It felt soft, silmy, and far less irritated. Within a couple uses my skin was completely healed of the dry cracks and irritated skin on my hands.

I went to hold my husband’s hand the other day and he grabbed on to my hand and was unconsciously rubbing the top of my hand over and over. At first, it was cute, after a few minutes I finally said “what are you doing?” He looked at me trying to figure out what I was talking about, then he realized he was caressing my hand. He sheepishly laughed and said “oh, it’s just so soft… I didn’t realize I was doing that.” Just goes to show what a difference this product has made on my hands.

I have also used these products on my cracked heels and have had amazing results. My feet are now soft and smooth and I’m not having problems with my calluses cracking which I have had in the past. I usually hide the bottoms of my feet because they tend to be ugly, but after using this product I’ve been letting them “hang ten” in public!

This system is so wonderful because it can be used on both you hands and your feet and the results are simply amazing. Your skin will love it and soak up all the goodness leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and silky.

i purchased 2 additional kits for my daughter’s teacher and also my mom this Christmas. Really, this gift is great for anyone. It’s practical, affordable and it works!

If you haven’t tried Satin hands, I highly suggest giving Jessica a call today and ordering it for yourself or someone you love.


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