5 Easy Tricks to Simplify Your Social Media in 10 Minutes

Hello Raving Fans!

I want to get some quick content out to you so that you realize Social Media doesn’t have to take 2 hours of every day or 10 hours per week to be successful.  Here are 5 Easy Tricks to Simplify Your Social Media in (JUST) 10 Minutes:

  1. Make all your Profile pictures the same across all platforms.  Choose a professional head shot that is clear and well done.  This is not a selfie!  It also does not include 1/2 of your best friend’s face or shoulder in your photo.  Having the same pictures across all social media platforms makes your more recognizable and symbolizes your brand- which is YOU!
  2. Start with 1-2 platforms and do them with EXCELLENCE instead of having 6-10 platforms that you rarely log in to.  Rule of thumb – if you haven’t logged in or posted in more than 1 month (30 days), do yourself a favor right now and DELETE or inactive those accounts!  This will make social media seem less overwhelming altogether.
  3. Turn off Social Media notifications on your phone.  These constant distractions cause significant inefficiencies in your day.  No argument here.
  4. Move your Social Media apps away from your “Home Screen” on your phone. Move all these apps a few pages over on your side bar of your phone.  This will save you 20-50 minutes per day of casual browsing. {Don’t even think about scrolling right now as your supposed to be moving these icons!}
  5. Update the Summary section on your Linked In page.  To start, be sure you have content written in there or you need to add it.  Then, be sure it’s relevant and up-to-date.  Now, see how you can jazz it up a bit while tightening your sentences!  Skip the fluff, get to the point.  Recruiters and connections are looking at this section more than ever before! Make a statement!

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