Hopeful to Hire – Adam Dince

BOOK REVIEW: Hopeful to Hired – Adam Dince

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In today’s job market, only a quarter of college graduates have jobs that are related to their major. Add to that massive amounts of student debt and economic uncertainty, and graduation can feel more like a time of panic than of hope. In the face of this adversity, how can students prepare themselves for career success while still in college?

The secret lies in using college years as an opportunity to build professional networks, improve soft-skills, and create an effective online personal brand, so that students can hit the ground running after graduation. In Hopeful to Hired, Adam Dince covers everything undergraduate and graduate students need to know now so that they are ready to find their dream job when they begin entering the workforce.

This book proves indispensable not only for college students but for anyone preparing to enter the job hunt from the military, high school, or even another job. This empowering book will take the dread out of graduation and help lead you seamlessly into your dream job.

Thank you Adam for my 2 copies of your new book!  As soon as I finish reading, I will be sharing with my fellow college professors and my Marketing & Sales Management Students at Ridgewater College in MN.  This is a pocket-size guide to BIG dreams.  Written fresh for the college student, this book can also guide someone jumping back into the workforce, or looking to be more relevant with their hiring and recruitment processes. 

           – Jessi Wendland

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