The Power of a Strong Testimonial

One of the greatest tools you can add to a sales presentation is the testimonial.  As we know, people are more likely to buy from people they know and trust.  Even more so, we often buy and support our friends.  This happens from the small business level, all the way up to multi-million dollar corporations.  So how can you overcome this?

One way is a strong testimonial.  There are a few initial rules to follow:

  1. The testimonial must be true.
  2. The testimonial must come from an actual customer.
  3. The testimonial must be relevant to the customer you’re presenting to.
  4. The testimonial needs to include a company or person’s name to be verifiable

How do you get a testimonial?  Just ask.  Individuals and client are willing to refer and recommend people with whom they’ve experienced good service.  You will get a stronger testimonial from a long-term customer or one who has very recently experienced great service with you.  Sometimes you may have to guide the customers a bit on what you want them to include.  Here’s how:

  1. Ask them:  What do you love about my service that sets me apart from my competitors or vendors that you’ve used in the past?
  2. Get the testimonial from as high-level employee of the company as you can, a recognizable name is the strongest.
  3. Short and concise is best.  It doesn’t have to be wordy or really anything longer than 2-3 sentences.  Get to the point without the fluff.

And finally…what makes the best testimonials as part of a sales presentation?

  1. Include photos.  Include a photo of the customer giving the testimony and possibly a picture of the product or service they’re referring to as well.
  2. Include more than one.  2-4 testimonials scattered throughout the presentation are very strong.  I’d advise not to include much more than 6, depending on the presentation.  You don’t want them to seem fake or overdone.
  3. Include follow-up.  If your potential new customer wants to speak to a current client of yours, connect them with your testimonials so they can have a conversation together.

Here’s an example of one I recently included in a presentation for my Strategic Marketing Coaching services:

“Jessi really helped me see the advantages and disadvantages of how I was utilizing my time with my business and after making a few changes I am happy to say working with Jessi has made a huge difference in my revenue and time management! Also, she really helped me with social media, it has made a big positive impact on my business! I am very happy with the work we did!”

Liz Lindemeier, Massage Therapist


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