The Importance of Facebook Reviews

So what could possibly be better than you raving about your own business on Facebook?

YOUR FANS raving about YOUR business on Facebook!

Facebook reviews are very important to growing the number of “Likes” on your Facebook page, increasing traffic to your page, but most importantly, improving the algorithms that make Facebook LOVE you and your business page!  Facebook loves interaction.  The more relevant posts, comments, and interactions, the more likely Facebook is to show your page more often.  The best way though is to get your customers and raving fans to post about you!

A few tricks to asking for Facebook reviews:

  1. Don’t be shy.  Don’t PAY for them. (You shouldn’t have to if you have great customer service.) A simple message like this will work:

       Hey Suzy!  Thank you for being one of my loyal customers.  Just a quick favor – I’m really working hard to share more products and valuable information to potential customers through our business page.  Would you mind taking a quick minute to write us a review on Facebook?  I’d greatly appreciate it. 

(Be sure to include link to your page)

2.  I’ve seen about a 1 in 10 response to this even with valued customers.  I suggest you send out 10 of these notes to the customers that stop in each week and that will create a steady flow of weekly reviews on your page.  Or, send it to customers who have a birthday that month (an easy way to find a quick list)

3.   Also, be sure that all of your personal “friends” on Facebook “Like” your business page.  You can ensure this by clicking on the “Invite” button and be sure all of your friends are invited to Like your page.  You’ll be sure to see more traffic instantly from this as well.

4. Be a good friend! (return the favor.)  Be sure to write reviews, post on other business pages, and “Check-In” when you shop at a fellow local business.  After all, we’re in this together, right?  People will be more willing to do this for you when you refer them as well.




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