4 Myths About Quitting Your Job to Become Your Own Boss

Have you been pondering what it would be like to be your own boss?  Have you been dabbling in your favorite MLM business waiting for the right time to take it to the next level?  Have you been stuggling with what others will think of your decision?  Or perhaps your biggest fear is failure.  Today, I want to share just four myths about resigning from your day job to work full time for your soon-to-be favorite boss every.

Myth #1: If I just keep working harder and keep going, results are sure to come eventually.

TRUTH: If what you’re doing hasn’t gotten you to where you want to be in the last year, that won’t change.  The way you work – smarter, not harder, is what needs to change. Many of us will continue to put in more and more long hours in hopes that they will pay off.  However, these extended hours become less productive as the week goes on.  Creativity wains, emotions run high, and stress increases.

Myth #2: My boss keeps saying a big promotion (or a pay raise at a minimum) is right around the corner.

TRUTH: If they were capable of paying you the promotion and believed in your worth, they’d already be paying you for it.  This is a line that is used as a stall tactic. The truth is they don’t really have to pay you more until it’s a perceived threat that you’re leaving.  They can also offer you more flexibility in your schedule, give you more responsibilities, or an advanced title to hold you over for a few more months.

Myth #3: It’s easier for me to just do everything because I know how to do it, I do it better than anyone else, and it would take too much time to train someone new.

TRUTH: “Getting help” by adding employees, outsourcing, hiring out parts of your business will lead to the greatest leaps and exponential growth.  As much as I know you are capable of doing everything, you will soon become exhausted.  You’ll also hit a capacity for production or sales that you can hit with limited resources.  In taking the time to make a smart hiring decision and valuable training up front, you will save yourself hours and years in the future.

Myth #4: Quitting my job is too risky.  I need the benefits and salary until I can save up enough to start my own business.

TRUTH: You’re just procrastinating.  You’ll never have enough time or money (as much as you desire anyway) to get started.  Benefits can be obtained elsewhere, and really this is just FEAR creeping in.  There’s no perfect time, there’s never going to be a perfect time.  Benefits can be surprisingly more affordable than you think, depending on your needs.  In addition, there’s a lot of creative ways to get there.  Let’s be honest, at some point you’re going to have to take the “jump” or it’s never going to happen.

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