“Blessings” Come When You are Motivated

I recently had the opportunity to interview with a woman who continues to pour blessings on my life.  I first met Kathy Weckwerth through a Women’s Conference that she hosts several times per year.  Kathy is a woman who has truly found her passion and followed her heart to create a life of her dreams.  From hosting bible studies to radio shows, writing books and devotionals, leading worship and women’s conferences, to have her own “little white church” on her country property in Western MN.  To know Kathy is to be blessed by Kathy and her ministry team.  I wanted to share our conversation here, or you can listen to our podcast:

Kathy: Well on today’s show, I want to encourage all of us that life is here for us to live it. We need to be motivated to get things done, reach our goals, accomplish feats that we set out to do and above all, make our lives matter for God. With me on the show today is Jessi Wendland. Jessi is a business owner, college professor, and recently was a contestant in the Miss Minnesota International pageant. What do I like the most about Jessi? I can describe her in one word: motivated. Here to help us with understanding the concept of motivation and encouraging us on how we can obtain it, welcome Jessi Wendland!

Kathy: Jessi, I like to describe you in that one word … motivated. Since the first time we met, I realized that you had great ambitions and you weren’t afraid to work to get them. You continually displayed a high level of motivation. Where do you think motivation comes from and have you always been a highly motivated person?

Jessi: I have been.  I like to think I was born with it, or maybe I was just born into it.  I was raised in an entrepreneurial home with my grandpa, father, and mother all owning their own businesses.  I was always a high achiever, graduating high school at age 17, college at 20, and completing my MBA at age 22.

Kathy: As a business owner of two businesses, a Mary Kay rep and your fitness center, plus your recruiting with Live 2 B Healthy, you have to be organized and dedicated. These are two self-starter-type of businesses so how do you find the inner ability to wake up every day and make things work?

Jessi:  This answer is simple.  LOVE PEOPLE.  I love sharing their stories, hearing about their families, their children, and connecting with them.  I love the opportunity I have each day to change lives. 1. Find your why – or your passion. 2. connections- build connections that can help you complete parts of your project 3. relationships- find people you want to work with and new friends.

Kathy: What are 3 steps you could tell our audience that would help them to be focused and motivated in whatever job or project they are undertaking?

Jessi: 1. Have the end in mind but work your deadline backwards.  Bite of small pieces into your timeline so you can experience little victories along the way.  2. Think of who you can engage to join you.  3. Determine what would make this project “successful”.  Pick a 1) high/best case scenario/perfect world 2) medium goal 3) the minimum that you would still call this a “success”….this way you’re not setup for failure.

Kathy: Have you ever had anyone who holds you accountable for your goals and if so, how do you work together, how do you respond to their feedback, and do you ever get irritable with them for holding you accountable?

Jessi: Yes, I’m a business-minded person and so I have chosen to enroll a business coach that I’ve been working with for almost 4 years now.  She certainly keeps me accountability, is able to speak to me directly, and is usually right!

Kathy: What are some things that you think deters people from accomplishing a to-do list or a major goal?

Jessi:  It’s only one thing: FEAR.  Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of not having enough time, fear of not having enough money or resources, fear of not being good enough….it all comes back to FEAR…which isn’t even a real thing.  It’s not tangible, you can’t touch it or hold it.  It’s something in our minds that we have to work through.

Kathy: As someone who coaches, trains, teaches, and encourages others, what are your most effective ways to assist someone in becoming motivated toward their own goals?

Jessi:  Assist in finding their motivation.  1) ask them IF they want the goal, and WHY they want the goal.  It has to be their dream, not yours or someone else’s dream for them.  Then, get to know their personality and ask how to hold them accountable.  Is it written, verbal, cheerleading, encouragement, discipline, daily or weekly check-ins, find a format that is going to work for them.

Kathy: So often we have to have inspiration for our motivation. Where do you find your inspiration as a fitness coach? As a teacher? As a business woman?

Jessi:  1) As a fitness coach, for my overall and long-term health.  2) As I teacher, because I’ve learned we have knowledge to share.  We all do. 3) As a business woman, because I believe in making a community a better place to live.

Kathy: As you look at your circle of closest friends, would you say that your friendships are made up of highly motivated people or more easy-going ones? And do you ever find yourself trying to motivate the un-motivated?

Jessi: (laughs a little).  They are certainly highly-motivated.  We are all “Type A” or D’s and I’s on the DISC personality test. After all, you are like the 5 people you surround yourself with the most.  I spend time with other business owners, dentists, doctors, insurance agents, and MK National Sales Directors. You can’t motivate the unmotivated, they have to change themselves.  You can give a time allowance for these people in your life.

Kathy: What is one last piece of advice that you could tell someone who has something they are facing that is really important, but they just can’t get motivated to tackle the job?

Jessi:  Find your why, your passion, your purpose and think about how many lives you could impact if you complete it!

Thank you so much, Kathy, for inviting me into your “space” and allowing us together to enrich women’s lives.


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