A moment to myself

Hello Everyone. Annie here again. Today, I wanted to share with you my latest obsession with Mary Kay’s Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for your legs and feet.

So, I am a busy mom of 2. I spend my days chasing my kids around and getting them from activity to activity while trying to balance my career and our household all at the same time. All day long I’m someone’s mother, wife, or employee and I rarely get those few glorious moments when no one needs anything from me and I can just, “be.” After bedtime stories are read and we say our nightly prayers, I kiss my kids on the forehead and shut the door to their room. In that moment I take a deep breath knowing that we made it through another day! Now, it’s my time.  I hurl my body onto my bed in complete and total exhaustion, my feet aching and my body tired from the day’s chaotic schedule. I then reach for my Mint Bliss lotion and suddenly I escape to paradise. As, I rub the lotion over my tired feet and sore legs I inhale the sweet smell of mint and for a few minutes I can just breath and relax. Surrounded by the delicious smell of mint I lay in my bed and can feel the cool lotion reviving my legs and feet. My alone time is always something I secretly look forward to everyday but now with this product it has gone from nice to amazing. This lotion helps me feel like “me” again. Not a wife, not a mother, not an employee but just a woman relaxing and taking in her day. Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion has become a part of this tired mom’s routine and I love it.

This lotion would be such a great gift for anyone in your life who needs to slow down and pamper themselves a little! Or treat yourself to this product. You will love it! I promise you.

Now….time to go lay down and give my feet a little pampering.


Good Night!


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