Market Like a Pro {twitter}

Part II: Let’s say you moved forward with marketing like a pro by yourself, for yourself, and you didn’t choose Facebook yesterday as your first medium.  Let’s say you think Twitter is the place to start.

Twitter: Is your target market teenagers?  Is it techy people?  If your target market celebrities?  Are you funny and quick-witted?  Are you quick, on-the-go, concise and to the point?  Twitter is a 140-character platform for brief one-liners, quick tips, and lots of opinions.  Fortunately, you can still link to other websites, create an extended hyperlink to what you’re sharing or an article, and you can use video and pictures.  Tweeting can be very fun!

So the obvious no-brainer: Set up your twitter account, which means you now have a handle.  No, not a handle mustache….a twitter handle.  For example, it starts with the “@” symbol and follows with a combination of letters/words/nick names/number/symbols.  You can find me @heartMKjessi.  You could be @JessiWendland @marketingpronumber1 @bizpro, obviously you have to be sure your name isn’t taken but I suggest you choose something that identifies you.

Next, blow up your Following and Followers.  Find connections and share with everybody!  There aren’t many rules towards professionalism or appropriateness on twitter.  Of course, there’s a huge banking and finance community but it certainly isn’t bigger than the Bachelor and Bachelorette community on Twitter!

How often can you tweet?  More than you think!  This platform is certainly not for the once-per-week, once-per-day at a scheduled time, this is often and many!  People scroll through quick so duplication and recycling content is certainly acceptable.  Like an medium, choose lots of photos, videos, or “memes” to make your tweets entertaining and your profile stand out!

Can’t wait to see you start on Twitter!  Follow me@heartMKjessi

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