Market Like a Pro!

So after yesterday’s blog post, I realized that there’s a lot, lot, LOT more to share with you.  Today, I’m going to expand on Option Numero Uno: do a killer marketing job for yourself.  Well this may take months, years, private coaching, a marketing company’s insight, help from another business owner who’s already excelling, you have to start somewhere.  Here are a few quick tips to get started.

  1. Download all applications you plan to use on your phone so you have the “app” and login to all of them on a laptop or desktop PC as well.  The formats can be very different from computer to mobile, so you’ll want to get yourself familiar with both to know your options.
  2. Start with 1 platform and get good at it. (These are each separate blogs or books!) I think the most obvious one to start with for any brand is Facebook.  First off, you’ll have to set up a personal Facebook account before you can create a Business Facebook page.  By the way, be sure to make your business an actual Facebook PAGE, not a personal profile.  There is a difference.  By this time, you’ve created a personal profile page on Facebook and you’ve logged using it on your computer and mobile.
  3. Facebook likes you to post more often and often favors your page if you do so.  (The complex term for this is algorithms.) Schedule a minimum of 1 hour per week dedicated to your business Facebook page.  As you grow, so will this amount of time.  During that 1 hour per week, you can schedule posts for the remainder of the week or month which is what allows you to not have to log in each day.
  4. As I’ve started a recent Facebook page for a friend’s massage business, it’s led me to a few simple ways to get started. Be sure you have a “profile picture” and a “cover photo”.  Be sure you update your phone number, email, hours of operation, address, website, the services you offer, your prices, your short bio, your long bio and all of the basic contact info on your site.
  5. Growing likes. You want a minimum of 100 likes on your Facebook page before it’s even worth your time posting.  The goal would be to then get to 250-300 likes.  Then 500, then 1,000.  In order to increase likes, share your business page on your personal page.  “Invite” your personal friends/groups on Facebook to like your business page.  Email your established customer base to be sure they all “like” your Facebook page.  Just by doing this one time, you’ll probably double your number of likes.
  6. Don’t overthink what to post. The simple way to start is posting information about you and your company, as an introduction. Next, people love PHOTOS so share them!  Post your hours, your specials, birthday announcements, and share relevant news in your industry.  Consider a “Throw-back Thursday” or “Flashback Friday”, “Man Crush Monday” or “Woman Crush Wednesday”.  Highlight your services, your products.  Posts do NOT need to be longer than 1-2 sentences and posts with photos will absolutely get more views.

I’m going to stop here because it will take you a day or a week to get rolling on the 6 steps above.  Stay tuned tomorrow as I expand on the Facebook business page!

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