Crowning Moment

How does it feel when you rise up in the morning and wear your crown?  After all, you are a daughter of the Most High, a heavenly Princess, sent here to pour blessings upon others.  I want to share with you my experience of the “crowning moment” on stage last weekend at the Miss MN International pageant.

Let’s just say the decision of which dress to wear wasn’t easy.  In fact, I have three and it was a four-days-until-the-pageant decision…which means I have two brand new, never worn, formal pageant gowns hanging in my closet that will make their appearance when I make my appearances!  You want to wear dress that you feel comfortable, beautiful, and like a Queen in. They say “white” is winning but what if red looks good on you?  What if the fashionable color of the season is mint or pastel pink?

And then there’s the hair…how do you style your hair appropriately for the crown to stay on your head?  A top bun certainly wouldn’t work!  You have to achieve just the right amount of texture from hair styling products to make it stay but not weigh your hair down!  Needless to say, it’s all worth it!

Palms sweaty, knees week, heart pounding, you dream about it, lose sleep over it, wonder what if, but it’s not for certain until you actually feel the crunching of the crown into your bobby pins!  I remember the first time I wore a crown I scrunched up my shoulders, neck, and tilted my head to the side in such shock, after all you feel like a 6-year-old in a Disney movie if you actually practice your winning face prior to the pageant!  But this time would be different.  I would be standing, I would be gracious, I would be Miss MN International 2016.  And I would look up to the heavens and say “Thank you.”

Well, let’s say the story didn’t quite end that way.  They announced my adorable new friend, Reva, as 2nd Runner Up. They announced the beautiful, supermodel Ellen as the 1st Runner Up.  And for the NEW Miss MN International 2016….Sabrina Astar.  Well-deserved ladies.  I stood on that stage smiling, not shocked that I didn’t place, but SO grateful for the experience and the new friendships I have.  After all, we ALL are winners, we all still have platforms, and we are daughters of our Heavenly, Glorious King.  We are, Princesses.  We are crowned.  YOU are crowned.


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