Be true to you.

Gut instinct. God instinct. God wink. Prayer. Coincidences.  Your soul. Your heart.  Your being.  While we all may use a different word to describe it, the feeling is the same. Gut- wrenching, heart throbbing, sweaty palms, sick stomach, “calling”, it’s the PULL that pulls us toward a certain direction, towards a task, towards an opportunity, towards an effort.  Whatever you call it, whomever it is, feel it, believe it, stay true.

Sometimes these happen in moments, minutes, hours, days, or weeks.  Sometimes it’s something we need to think about, ponder, or phone a friend on.  We may lose sleep over it.  We may lose appetitive over it.  It can be confusing, conflicting, and terrifying.  What I’m here to tell you today is: LISTEN.  Don’t stray, don’t try to make it say something else, don’t try to talk yourself into something, out of something, around something.  If it’s not right, don’t do it!  If it is what you believe at your CORE, do it!  Follow your gut, your heart, your intuition, your Mother’s advice. (ha)

Be true to you.




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