What do you dream of?

I spent some time this morning meditating, or reflecting, before I started my day.  Do you believe in the power of meditation?  Do you dream about your goals?  Do you pray about your goals?  Do you practice the preparation for the goals?

I feel asleep last night after watching the DVD of the 2015 Miss MN International pageant and so I dreamt about it all night!  I could picture my dresses: pink, mint, blue, the feel of the fabric, smooth, soft, comfortable, the sparkling crystals.  I imagined my earrings, the shoes, which way my hair would part.  Seeing is believing.  As I focus these next two weeks on the final steps towards my pageant, I plan to visualize my journey each day.

I practiced my walk, right, left, right, I practiced my hands, fists, hands on waist, straight down at my sides….can you smell it?  can you hear it? can you taste it?  The more intense the visualization the more accurately you can predict the outcome as well as be aware of your emotions towards the outcome!  I challenge you to take a few minutes to visualize your next big win!wp-1458345344946.jpg

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