Judging Criteria- Miss MN International

Many of you have been asking what will I be judged on for the Miss MN International pageant and what is included in the weekend of events.  Here’s a brief outline:

  • Personal Interview – 40% of score – is held on Saturday morning with a panel of 5 judges of whom you meet with for 5 minutes each.  This is a strictly timed, 25-minute, rotating interview process.  The majority of the questions are based on getting to know the candidate and their platform.
  • Fitness Competition – 20% of score – is a pre-determined, uniform, 2-piece athletic wear sports bra and shorts instead of a swimsuit.  The candidates are judged on being physically fit, energetic, and healthy.
  • Evening Gown Competition – 20% of score – candidates’ choice of formal gown, while being judged on grace, poise, and elegance while wearing and walking in the formal.
  • Fun Fashion Wear – 20% of score – candidates’ choice of fun, festive, colorful ,unique gown or “costume” dress.  Candidate is judged on her sense of style and her personality while wearing the Fun Fashion Wear on stage.

    Thanks for cheering me on towards Miss MN International!IMG_f0070rt

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