Official Announcement! #LetItReign

It’s Official!

I’m a contestant for the 2016 Miss MN International pageant to be held on Saturday, April 30th, 2016 in St. Paul.  I will be a contestant in the Miss pageant, eligible to run only this one year!  As the pageant weekend nears I am certainly feeling nerves and excitement.  Fortunately, my heart is so strong towards this platform that I should not be worried.

Let me fill you in on the pageant a bit:

According to the statement on their website, “All accepted contestants become ambassadors from their city/county and are awarded an official banner and crown pin. Each contestant is given the opportunity to select a service platform of her choice that she spends the year promoting. The Miss Minnesota International Pageant motivates young women and their families to exemplify traditional family values, and to make a difference by getting involved in their communities.”

The pageant competition consists of a preliminary interview and on-stage interview questions, Fun Fashion Wear, Formal Evening Gown, and Fitness wear.  All of these events are comprised in just weekend, however many things take place before hand.  The obvious ones including purchasing gowns, shoes, fitness wear, interview suits, hiring hair, makeup, and pageant coaches.  The behind the scenes tasks include preparing a platform statement, fundraising, raising awareness of your platform, submitting cover shots, and selling advertisements for the program.  The YEARS of preparation have included my volunteer service work, past pageant experience, many interviews and public speaking opportunities, as well as working closely with my platform for 7+ years.

I’m happy to answer your specific questions about the pageant, invite you to attend, or have you as a sponsor.  I’ll include more links for you to view as well!

Thank you for supporting me in this achievement!



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