count. your. Blessings.


I often get asked “How to you do it all?” I am usually caught off guard by this question because I never think of it that way. Rather, I think “How am I so lucky to have been blessed by all of these opportunities?” We know that God will only give each person as much as they are capable to handle. With that, I know my life abounds with blessings of opportunity, relationships, and choices. And I am grateful to my Father for that each and every day.

Sometimes, we all need a little mind-shift. Most of our experiences are remembered from our perspective. We may have attended the same event, the same business meeting, or web conference. Based on the intentions we set going into the meeting we often receive those results. So, are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty person? Do you color within the lines or scribble outside the box? Do you see glass ceilings or don’t believe they exist? One of my greatest challenges and opportunities is to encourage women to believe in themselves MORE!

If only we could all lift each other up, help each fly, and support our endeavors, the world would be a more peaceful place. First, we must start from within. In order to do great things, we must find the belief in ourselves. We must be willing to try. To fail. To fall forward. To get back up again. Through significant coaching and business mentorship, I have learned that most often what’s holding us back the most is the belief in ourselves. With my platform to help heal, strengthen, and grow women from inner beauty towards outward beauty, I can pass on this belief to hundreds more. I certainly hope that you do that today too!

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