So, today was perfect. Absolutely, magnificently perfect.  The sun was shining, my hair was “on-fleek”, brows perfect.  I want to tell you about my perfect day.  You know the kind of day when you look at someone and think, “Wow, you’re life must be perfect.”  I got up early, put rollers in my hair, ready to have a fabulous Sunday. Everything was aligned, I got in my car, and I was ON. MY. WAY.

And then it became so perfectly confusing.  Someone stood TALL to me and said my day wouldn’t be perfect.  It would be perfectly disrupted.  Perfectly unplanned.  Out of my control.  Now, let’s just say “out of control” is not a good place for me.  Emotionally, or physically for that matter!  So I couldn’t go there. But I had a choice.  I had a choice to RISE ABOVE or to cause a scene.  And with my brows as boldly penciled in as they were, girl, would I have caused a scene!

Sometimes we feel challenged and wonder why everything couldn’t just be “perfect” for a day.  That, however, would not provide for us the environment in which to grow.  In which to change, in which to reach deep within ourselves to find the BETTER solution.  These are times when you frustratingly vent for a few minutes on your phone, to your besties, sitting in a parking lot.  Did I mention it was perfectly cloudy and snowing?  But I had a choice and I pulled up my BIG GIRL PANTIES and I mouthed aloud “pivot”. Pivot, Jess.  This is exactly when you PIVOT.  Redirect your thoughts, your intentions, and your plans for the day.  Turn the key in the ignition, put yourself back on the road, and don’t look back.  For today just went in a NEW direction and I can be thankful for that choice.

Do you need to pivot today?

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