YOU are a BOSS.

This is for you female business entrepreneurs out there: yes, YOU. The Boss. The B#$%@. Have you heard that before? Has anyone said it to you? Or maybe you just heard it said about you, behind your back. Even better, right? Just what you needed. Right when you were doing something good. Or so you thought. Well sisters, I’m with you on this one! Being a female boss is not an easy task and it’s probably not going to get any easier. There’s going to be resistance, there’s going to be obstacles, people are going to try to set limits on you. But that’s why you got out of that j.o.b., right? Because hitting your head on the glass ceiling once is a setback. Hitting your head on the glass ceiling repeatedly is just plain stupid. And unacceptable. And doesn’t need to happen to you anymore – because YOU are a boss.

I, too, had this experience and it was a struggle. I often found myself questioning how I was running my business, who I was hiring, what programs I was implementing, and the ones I should eliminate. I started breathing their air. I started believing their thoughts. The walls started coming in all around me, pressuring me, causing gasps for oxygen, a sinking, drowning feeling, sometimes bringing you to tears. It’s not pretty and not something everyone will understand.

Although this story is written as a quick turnaround, it wasn’t. I went running for miles, I changed my values for them, I sought professional counseling, I lost myself. The best and truest, loyal person I ever knew to be my best friend. Myself. Jessi. And now I want to share with you a few ways I found myself again. It takes heart and guts, blood, sweat, and tears, falling flat on your face and getting back up again, smiling. To come to the realization that YES, I am a BOSS. And darn it, I’m a good one. I will get better each day, I’m learning. In seven years of being an entrepreneur of two businesses now, I just pushed through one of the most successful months of my career, to date.   It feels good and it’s WORTH IT. YOU are worth it. YOU are WORTHY. You can have it all and be a boss! Here’s a few tips:

  1. Strongly consider the people you surround yourself with on a daily basis.  Do they bring you up with positivity, influence, ideas, and creativity?  Or does their friendship and advice seem negative, heavy, and emotionally-draining?  Do they have to be in your life?  Can the amount of time you spend with them be adjusted?  Either up or down?
  2. Educate yourself.  Read books, read blogs, read theories, work on increasing your personal knowledge of the industry, of the specifics, the financials, the market, what’s relevant.  Follow others in your industry, never stop learning, and find continuing education classes you may attend.
  3. Get to work.  Be the first one on the floor, hands and knees, getting dirty and doing the work.  Lead by example, participate, and show up to perform.  Your actions will speak louder than words.
  4. Be social!  Attend as many marketing, networking, referral, team-building, guest speaker, community meetings as possible.  You can never know too many people or have too many networks.  Especially if you’re new to business you have to get involved.  It’s important to join organizations relative to your business values so that you can cross-reference the two as you build your customer base.
  5. Don’t look back.  After all, you’re not going that direction.  Keep moving forward with daily progress, one step at a time.  Sometimes it is one step forward and two steps back, a quick shuffle, or an all-out sprint.  Either way, keep going.  It’s worth it. YOU are worth it. After all, you’re in charge.


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