The Most Important Planning Meeting for 2015

It’s time.  With just three days remaining before New Year’s Eve, it’s crunch time.  I have a very important meeting this week with my colleagues for the big release.  No, this is not a list of New Year’s Resolutions or goals for 2015 but rather words of affirmation, mantras, and single words that we are choosing to identity our desires in 2015.  This is the third year in a row I have ditched the resolutions and resolved to pick just three words to live by on a daily basis.  What I have found is that choosing three simple words takes out any feelings of defeat or negativity when I don’t complete a resolution.  Some days, an entire list of resolutions seems overwhelming which is why so many people boycott their resolutions by mid-February.  By defining 3 Words to Live By, each day, week, month, or maybe in a specific situation, I choose 1, 2 or 3 of my words to focus on.  Looking back on a month I’ve sometimes notice how one month was all about one word.  Then, I try to focus on a different word next month.  Last year, I even wrote an update on my progress.  Check it out here.

In 2013 my words were Growth, Faith, and Balance.  In 2014 my words were Joy, Love, and Courage.  So how do you choose your words for 2015, you ask?  Well, for me it starts on December 1st with a dump list.  I journal for 60 seconds and write down the first words that come to mind.  Then as the month goes on, I add words that cross my mind during my daily activities and encounters with friends.  Choosing the final three is usually a last-minute decision.  It may be clear to you what those words should be otherwise I go with the ones that keep showing up the most.

I challenge you to do this exercise.  1) Grab the nearest piece of paper and a pen.  2) Now, take 60-seconds and write as fast as you can! Do not set down the pen for the entire minute.  3) Next, repeat this exercise three times over the next three days.  Then, you can start highlighting the words that keep showing up.  The words that jump out at you the most may be the best words to choose.  For an even harder exercise, ask a trusted friend or significant other to write down words that describe you…or don’t describe you.  This is tough but it may highlight significant areas of focus that you could choose from for the upcoming year.

My initial dump list for 2015 included: acceptance, out of the box, expanding, exponential, new doors, release, pause, overtime, victory, teamwork, discipline, out of the box, fireflies, comfort zone, opportunity, elevate, confidence, finish, conquer, Cadillac. No, that’s not a typo, I wrote down “out of the box” twice.  There’s a hint I should have taken!

Now…for the official reveal, the winners are… ELEVATE. FINISH. CADILLAC.  In creating an affirmation for my 2015 year I look up definitions of the words or synonyms.

ELEVATE – raise, lift, uplift, hoist, upraise, praise, promote, for me this word comes from my following of Elevate Life Church in Frisco, TX where Pastor Keith Craft always reminds us to “Elevate our thinking so that we can elevate our lives”.  In 2014, I also read his book The Divine Fingerprint and there are many areas of my life: business, personal, and spiritual where the word Elevate can fit in during 2015.

FINISH – the end, complete, and it was done, whole, thorough.  I may be a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.  Although the song is intended lightheartedly, I am a visionary.  I have lots of creative ideas, big plans, and many marketing ideas.  The problem comes when I lack the people, resources, finances, or “umpf” to see them through to completion.  If I only “finished” everything I said I was going to do my life might look a whole lot different.  This year, I want to focus on “finishing” before I get started all over again onto the next idea.  I want to see projects through to the end and not fall short of my goals from little tasks to big achievements.

CADILLAC – (no synonyms found) While it’s sort of funny that Microsoft Word did not find any synonyms for Cadillac, I guess it’s true. The light, pearly, iridescent Pink Cadillac SRX is a one-of-a-kind. Custom designed by Mary Kay Ash herself, this trophy on wheels represents the Top Sales Directors in Mary Kay. This symbol of achievement recognizes the Independent Beauty Consultants who are dedicated to customer service and committed to growing leaders. It is a sign of the hard work, discipline, and self-motivation required of the female entrepreneur. Driving a Pink Cadillac is not about the leather seats and fancy car but rather the representation of building a unit of leaders and business owners that have the freedom to design their futures.

And now that my three words are revealed for 2015, I better get to work! I challenge you to choose three words to focus on as you strive towards your goals. I’d love to hear what words you decided on if you wish to share. Happy New Year!

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