Right Now. This means everything.

Boom. Ba dap ba dah ba dah. Boom. Ba dap ba dah ba dah.

Don’t wanna wait ‘til tomorrow,

Why put it off another day?

C’mon turn this thing around…

Right now, hey

It’s your tomorrow.

Right Now, c’mon.

Right Now.

This means everything.

Van Halen had it. That rhythm, beat, tune, catchy chorus, that takes you right back to that feeling. It takes you back to the moment, the event, a standstill of time. You can smell it, you can taste it, and you can feel it.   You know exactly what you were wearing, who you were with, and what car you drove that year.

For me, Right Now, is a MN State High School Swimming Championship in Fall of 2003. We were the Tigersharks, the #1 team, the Champions. Our highlight DVD even kicks off with that song. Sending chills up your spine, the song gives me an adrenaline rush, the nerves, the excitement, as I step up onto the starting block at the University of MN pool. As the song builds you can hear when the starter blows the whistle and feel the big splash of the cool water. The impact immediately sends you into a flutter kick, adrenaline rush, arm-spinning, sprint that requires only 1-2 breaths in the next 25 seconds.

Prior to Sections or playoff season we spent the first 30 minutes of swim practice in meditation. We thought it was silly at first; after all we were teenagers. Now, it’s a vivid memory of so many swim seasons. I can feel the humid pooldeck tiles on my back, the stiff concrete floor underneath me, smell the chlorine (this was a permanent perfume), as the voice of my coach is softly in the background. We started always focusing on a bright, white light that appeared small and then became bigger as you moved towards it. We took our mind all the way until we entered the light and then would focus on colored objects and numbers. Then we would visualize our race from start to finish: wall-to-wall and every stroke, breath, noise, lane line in between.

As we entered the white light we went to our “happy place”. The place where we felt totally relaxed, calm, at ease, almost mindless and on top of the world. My happy place was, and is still, floating on a inflatable raft in the middle of the lake under the hot sun. The raft was a clear, chair-type raft with the holes in it. You know the kind that you can stick your drink in but usually just fills with cold water? I’m floating in the middle of Lake MinnieBelle on a quiet midweek afternoon with no boaters to be found.

Last week we hosted a Paddleboard Yoga class on the lake with a group of ten students practicing. It was quiet, serene, at sunset and we were anchored just off the shore of Lake MinnieBelle. We took members there from our gym, many of them first timers. While we meditated at the end of our sun salutations on the board I found myself following a bright, white light. With my eyes closed it got bigger as I moved toward it until it slowly swallowed me. The paddleboard suddenly felt squishy and I could feel the warm water sneaking underneath me behind my legs and the small of my back. And then, the song started playing.

Boom. Ba dap ba dah ba dah. Boom. Ba dap ba dah ba dah.

…Catch that magic moment, do it Right here and now It means everything Right Now.

Hey, it’s your tomorrow.

Right now.

In that moment, I realized I was living a vision of something I dreamed up as a teenager. That vision of my happy place came full circle to sharing an amazing, first-time experience, with members of our gym that we had taken offsite to realize that fitness and wellness is so much more than a treadmill. It’s a way of life that we fully embraced as the sun set over the glistening water.

Right now this means everything.

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